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Rethymno Top Sights

sights you must see in Rethymno

1) The Venetian Fortress “Fortezza” stands on the hill of "Paleokastro" and is an imposing presence over the Cretan sea and a great contribution to the city's beauty and charm.

2) The Archeological Museum of Rethimno located in the region of Fortezza where findings from the Neolithic and Romaic period are exhibited (currencies, jewels, tools), as well as a ceramic collection from the Minoan period.

3) The Venetian Harbor with the imposing lighthouse.

4) The Catholic Church at Melissinou street

5) The Museum of Contemporary Art of Rethymnon

6) The Rimondi Fountain (since 1627) in the center of the old town (at “Platanos” square) built by the Venetian Rector (Governor) of Rethymnon A. Rimondi.

7) The Loggia renovated by the well-known Venetian architect Michele Sanmicheli (who also renovated Veneto Hotel) used to be the meeting point for the Venetian noblemen in the medieval times and nowdays hosts the gift shop of the Archaeological Museum of Rethymnon.

8) The Mosque of "Gazi Housein" or "Neratzes" (today a conservatory) is well known for the highest minaret in Rethimnon

9) The Historical and Folklore Museum on the corner of Epimenidou and Vernardou Street with traditional objects from the daily life such as ceramic objects, embroideries, handmade laces and traditional costumes.

10) The Temple of St. Francesco was the main temple of the Franciscan monastery during the Venetian Period

11) The Museum of Submarine Life of Rethymno

12) The Central Bus Station of Rethymno

13) The Guora Gate or "Grand Gate" (the main entrance of the city's walls)

14) The Public Library of Rethymnon

15) The Tourist Info Office of Rethymno

16) The Mosque of Kara Mousha Pasha, built over a Venetian monastery, dedicated to St. Barbara.

17) The Cretan Art Centre of Rethymno

18) The Prefecture Hall of Rethymnon

19) The Municipal Garden of Rethymno

20) The Hospital of Rethymno

21) The Town Hall of Rethymno

22) The Police Station of Rethymno

23) The Cathedral of Rethymno

24) The Temple of Mary Magdalene - known as "The Lady of the Angels"- dating back to the Venetian period

25) The Veli Pasa Mosque nowadays hosting the Paleontological Museum of Rethymnon

our hotel and facilities

Hotel Rethymno

All of our rooms are fully equipped with all the services of a 4 star hotel. In every room of Veneto, Hotel rethymnon, you will find a list of Cretan products selected especially for hotel’s visitors, such as homemade liqueurs, marmalades, local wines, herbs etc. Breakfast at Veneto Hotel is served 8.00-10.00 a.m. at the inner yard or inside the hall of the ground floor. You can enjoy plenty of local products and homemade delicacies.

our restaurant and wine cellar

Restaurant Rethymno

You are welcome to the island where the nutritional habits of the local people are the standard of the Mediterranean nutrition since plenty of years. You are more than welcome to Veneto Restaurant in Rethymno, a place of unique aesthetics full of scents. Veneto is one of the most respected restaurants in Rethymno old town and serves dishes based on high quality Cretan products.

rethymnon Crete & Rethymnon old town

Rethymno Crete

You can walk along the alleys; feel the cooking scents coming from the houses; taste the local delicacies in one of the plenty taverns and restaurants in Rethymno; enjoy the sunset drinking a glass of wine; relax and dream. The carnival and the renaissance festival of Rethymno are some of the cultural events that take place every year in the town of Rethymno.