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Veneto Restaurant

Veneto Restaurant

This unique restaurant in Rethymnon is certified by the Cretan Quality Agreement for the high quality and the certified, pure, Cretan products. Veneto Restaurant is open from May till the end of October. Our restaurant in Rehtymnon is located at the ground floor of Veneto Hotel in Rethymno old town since 1997 and it's regarded as one of the top Rethymno restaurants. In a stone built 700 years old wine cellar on the ground floor of the restaurant you may find one of the most updated wine lists of Crete. Argiro Petraki, the enologist of Veneto restaurant in Rethymno, selects carefully only the best labels of the Cretan, Greek and international vineyards. Veneto Restaurant is awarded by Vinetum since 2007 with golden distinction for the wine list. Veneto Restaurant in Rethymno organizes events for 100 persons, as well as cooking courses on Cretan cuisine in groups of 8-12 persons and wine tastings.

WINE CELLAR : In a stone built 700-year-old cellar on the ground floor of VENETO, there is our wine cellar. Its atmosphere, unique and imposing, binds the scent of wine with the stone and the water of the well lying in the cellar, and it makes you drift away. Our wines, over 150 labels in number, are kept in ideal temperature, humidity and light conditions.Their selection is based on the modern view on wine cellar organisation. The wine cellar comprises wines of wide consumption and aged ones from the Greek, Cretan and international vineries. Enologist: Argiro Petraki  /  View Wine List



  1. 1.       Leavened bread and local rusks served with goat’s cheese & olives


  1. 2.       Tzatziki cucumber yoghurt dip (v) 
  2. 3.       Assortment of olives (v) 
  3. 4.       Hummus chickpea dip with tahini (v)
  4. 5.       Aubergine dip with fresh tomato & yoghurt (v) 
  5. 6.       Koukouvagia (dakos) rusk with organic tomato, rock saphire & xinomyzithra (sheep’s cheese) (v) 
  6. 7.       Stuffed vine leaves (Dolmades) & zucchini flowers with rice & yoghurt dip (v) 
  7. 8.       Marinated sardine fillets served on cryspy bruschettes with freshly ground pepper & herbs 
  8. 9.       Smoked salmon with avocado, capers & soft cream cheese
  9. 10.    Assortment of local cheeses soft sour cheese with mint, touloumotyri (rare local cheese), mild & mature gruyere, spicy kefalotyri (type of gruyere from sheep/goat’s milk)
  10. 11.    Ouzo meze  Olives, feta cheese, tomato, hummus, shrimp, stuffed vine leaves, octopus etc.


  1. 12.    Feta pouches baked pastry with sun dried tomatoes & peppers (v) 
  2. 13.    Stuffed aubergine rolls with tomato sauce & feta cheese (v) 
  3. 14.    Snails with spicy organic cous-cous & fennel
  4. 15.    Apakia smoked pork with whipped goat’s cream & sweet Vinsanto wine  
  5. 16.    Sfakian meat pastry home made pastry with lamb & local cheese
  6. 17.    Octopus in red wine with hummus & caramelized onions  
  7. 18.    Shrimp, mussels and ouzo saganaki cooked in tomato sauce with feta cheese & spearmint 
  8. 19.    Fried potatoes with local cheese or oregano (v) 


with organic vegetables & extra virgin olive oil

  1. 20.    Greek Farmer's salad (v) with local tomato, cucumber, onions, peppers, olives, capers, oregano & feta cheese
  1. 21.    Lentil salad (v) with marinated cherry tomatoes, mizithra (soft white cheese), mint & basil pesto  
  1. 22.    Spinach Salad (v) with red lettuce, fresh mushrooms, halumi cheese, pear, pomegranate, nuts & grape juice syrup vinaigrette
  1. 23.    Madarites (v) green seasonal salad with cretan chicory (stamnagathi), valerian, wild artichokes, mature gruyere, lime vinaigrette & dried figs
  1. 24.    Salad "Veneto" seasonal green salad with rocket, shrimps, avocado, pine nuts & parmesan


  1. 25.    Penne with mint and basil pesto, pine nuts & cherry tomatoes (v) 
  2. 26.    Handmade Ravioli with spinach & ragout of wild greens, tomato sauce & grated goat cheese
  3. 27.    Makarounes skioufiktes handmade pasta with apakia (smoked pork pieces) & fresh vegetables
  4. 28.    Sea food pasta (orzo) with mussels, shrimp & calamari (squid) for one or two persons (serving time:25 minutes)


  1. 29.    Moussaka with minced meat, aubergines, zucchini & yoghurt cream 
  2. 30.    Chicken souvlaki marinated in mixed herbs served with grilled pita bread, flavored yoghurt & oven roast potatoes
  3. 31.    Turkey burgers with a light spinach sauce, basmati rice &vegetables 
  4. 32.    Hunkar veal in tomato sauce served with smoked aubergine mash  
  5. 33.    Wild goat casarol with chicory (stamnagathi)& wild artichokes  
  6. 34.    Lamb in vine leaves stuffed with graviera cheese & fresh vegetables 
  7. 35.    Peppered steak fillet of beef with fresh mushrooms & Madagascar green pepper
  8. 36.    Sea bass fillet with a light fennel & lemon verbena sauce
  9. 37.    Calamari stuffed with spiced gruyere cheese & vegetables   
  10. 38.    Prawns with saffron sauce & basmati rice 
  11. 39.    Lobster grilled or with pasta  
  12. 40.    Fresh fish of the day (ask for it) 


  1. 41.    Lemon tart with toasted almond slices  
  2. 42.    Mastic cream with pistachio nuts & fig preserve  
  3. 43.    Cheesecake with soft goat’s cheese & fresh strawberry sauce 
  4. 44.    Chocolate cake flavoured with rum (Ganache)
  5. 45.    Sfakian pie sweet cheese pie with thyme honey
  6. 46.    Yoghurt served with honey or fruit preserve 
  7. 47.    Semi Freddo espresso with honey & Madagascar vanilla 
  8. 48.    Ice cream made from fresh goat’s milk Madagascar Vanilla / pistachio / chocolate


  1. 49.    Mineral water 0.75 l - 1 l
  2. 50.    Sparkling mineral water 0.33 l – 1 l
  3. 51.    Coca - cola, Sprite, Soda, Tonic
  4. 52.    Lemonade, Orangeade, Byral (local refreshments)
  5. 53.    Apple juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, vissino (sour cherry) juice   
  6. 54.    Fresh orange juice
  7. 55.    Fresh lemon juice with ginger
  8. 56.    Fresh mixed fruit juice 


  1. 57.    Greek coffee served with Loukoumaki (Turkish delight)
  2. 58.    Nescafé – Frappé
  3. 59.    Frappé with Baileys
  4. 60.    Espresso / Freddo espresso
  5. 61.    Cappuccino / Freddo cappuccino
  6. 62.    Irish coffee with Jameson whisky & whipped cream
  7. 63.    Tea – Ice tea
  8. 64.    Cretan tea with thyme honey (hot/cold)
  9. 65.    Organic tea with saffron (ask for it)
  10. 66.    Chocolate (hot/cold)


  1. 67.    Mythos  0.5 l
  2. 68.    Nissos Pilsner 0.33 l
  3. 69.    Rethymniaki – Brink’s 0.33 l
  4. 70.    Buckler alcohol free beer 330ml


  1. 71.    Raki  small carafe 125 ml – 250 ml
  2. 72.    Raki aged in oak barrel  small carafe 125 ml – 250 ml
  3. 73.    Rakomelo small carafe 125 ml – 250 ml
  4. 74.    Ouzo glass
  5. 75.    Ouzo Mitilinis  250 ml
  6. 76.    Wine glass
  7. 77.    House wine carafe 0.5 l – 1l
  8. 78.    Homemade liqueurs (citrus, forest fruits, saffron, walnut etc.)
  9. 79.    Metaxa Cognac  3* 5* 7*
  10. 80.    French Cognac
  11. 81.    Whiskey, Vodka etc.
  12. 82.    Special liqueurs & drinks


  1. 83.    Tsikoudito with raki, wild mint & lime
  2. 84.    Rakomelito with raki, honey, spearmint & cinnamon
  3. 85.    Margarita – raki with raki (aged in oak barrel ), lime & orange liqueur
  4. 86.    Ouzo Sunrise with orange juice & pomegranate syrup
  5. 87.    Skinos mastic liqueur with lemon juice & basil leaves
  6. 88.    Cuba libre Havana rum with lime & coca-cola
  7. 89.    Mojito Havana rum with fresh lime & mint leaves
  8. 90.    Caipirinha Brazilian rum with brown sugar & lime juice

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Hotel Rethymno

All of our rooms are fully equipped with all the services of a 4 star hotel. In every room of Veneto, Hotel rethymnon, you will find a list of Cretan products selected especially for hotel’s visitors, such as homemade liqueurs, marmalades, local wines, herbs etc. Breakfast at Veneto Hotel is served 8.00-10.00 a.m. at the inner yard or inside the hall of the ground floor. You can enjoy plenty of local products and homemade delicacies.

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Restaurant Rethymno

You are welcome to the island where the nutritional habits of the local people are the standard of the Mediterranean nutrition since plenty of years. You are more than welcome to Veneto Restaurant in Rethymno, a place of unique aesthetics full of scents. Veneto is one of the most respected restaurants in Rethymno old town and serves dishes based on high quality Cretan products.

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Rethymno Crete

You can walk along the alleys; feel the cooking scents coming from the houses; taste the local delicacies in one of the plenty taverns and restaurants in Rethymno; enjoy the sunset drinking a glass of wine; relax and dream. The carnival and the renaissance festival of Rethymno are some of the cultural events that take place every year in the town of Rethymno.